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Thanks for stopping by. I'm relatively new to fineartamerica. After learning a new photograph processing software, I've just started to update my galleries with hundreds of high quality photographs for your viewing pleasure. As you will see, my subjects are varied. In many of my photos, I capture only part of the subject which can tell more of a story than an entire scene.

Did you know, the origin of the word 'photography' comes from two Greek words that mean to write (graphos) with light (photos). Photography has always been one of the great loves of my life. I hope to share with you, some of my moments of writing with light.

Google search 'Allan Stuart Levin Collection' and see my works with 207 Vietnam photographs not to include sound recordings, movies, and correspndence in the Library of Congress. This site was chosen as one of the top 20 sites by the Library of Congress staff for the 10th Anniversary of the Veterans History Project. Install Real Player on your PC, to view my movies and tape recordings in Vietnam. I taped the 1966 Bob Hope Christmas Show and met him too.

My photographs have also been published in magazines, numerous newspapers, and commercial websites with totals exceeding well over two million views.

My Best Wishes to each of you. Sit back and enjoy my photos. If there is a particular subject, let me know I may have a photo of it.


Goodbye to Florence by Allan Levin


Tight Formation by Allan Levin


Breaking Wave at Sunrise by Allan Levin


Atlantic Sunrise by Allan Levin


Atlantic Sunrise by Allan Levin


Lone Dolphin by Allan Levin


Morning Search for Food by Allan Levin


Foggy Morning Swim by Allan Levin


Afterburners Ablaze by Allan Levin


Dolphins and Reflections by Allan Levin


Breaking Wave at Sunrise by Allan Levin


Stalking fish in the Reeds by Allan Levin


Snow Geese Takeoff from farmers corn field. by Allan Levin


Christmas Day Greeting by Allan Levin


One bite at a time by Allan Levin


Panoramic View of the Colosseum by Allan Levin


The Sea Arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas by Allan Levin


Sea arch El Arco de Cabo San Lucas by Allan Levin


Pink Asiatic Lily by Allan Levin


Snow White Asters by Allan Levin


Rose Waterlily by Allan Levin


Heritage Flight by Allan Levin


Great Blue Heron at Sunrise by Allan Levin


Warming Sunrays by Allan Levin


Dinner Time by Allan Levin